Welcome to #mamasmondays… Friction Free Shaving Box, Isla Apothecary and LanaiBLO

Welcome to  #mamamondays.  Here I try to include anything that is making us happy – and hopefully you too – even though it’s a Monday. And, I have to say it really is making me try to make the most of this often ‘depressing’ day

It has been anything from what we’re doing or planning to what we’re eating, watching or reading. I’ve even included items I’m lusting after or buying and anything else that has been inspiring me to make Mondays – and the rest of the week if need be – just a little more bearable.

I really hope that #mamamondays is inspiring you to make the most of this fresh start we get every week… this week I talking beauty buys!



With so many subscription boxes to choose from it can be hard to know which ones actually save you time, money and hassle. Food boxes are of course always going to be useful – taking the stress out of shopping and meal-planning. But, beauty boxes are a whole new ballgame.

One I have been trying is Friction Free Shaving – a genius service that takes the stress out of shaving – or, at least the stress of remembering to buy replacement blades – meaning you never get caught short without a fresh blade in your bathroom cabinet  or, you know while you’re already in the shower/have to go bare-legged (argh…)

The idea behind Friction Free Shaving (FFS) is that women don’t change their blades as often as they should – I too, am guilty of this – due to the expense of replacement blades. Which is why we get irritation, razor burn and rashes underarm or on the legs from the build up on the old blade and having to press harder for a closer shave – see its simple isn’t it?

FFS also offers the worlds first ever metal shaver for women – so no more rubbish plastic ones lying around the bathroom (or, landfill for that matter!) The first subscription box includes your choice of razor (a stylish rose gold or silver handle with a 6 blade head or, the rubber handed 3-blade head) that can now also be personalised and 4 replacement blades, one for each week.

Then ongoing monthly parcels include 4 new blades and add-ons you can select/change each month from pre-shave scrub, shave cream or post-shave balm from £5 – or, you can start with this one-off gift box and see how you go (this also makes a great gift).



I am a sucker for a new beauty product and especially ones that look as gorgeous as these – although I’m not that much of a ‘packaging lover’ that I don’t at least check the label to ensure its worth a try too! As Isla Apothecary  is. Not only is it pretty sitting on the bathroom shelf the range is natural, organic and free of other nasties – and, they work too. What’s more they are hand-made in London too.

I’ve been trying out a trio of products including the Himalayan Salt Soak which has become my ‘sanctuary in a jar’ – it’s so uplifting and leaves my skin super comforted unlike some bath salts; The Reset Ritual Pulse Point Therapy roll-on which rolls around in my handbag when I need a quick dab across my wrists for a calming scent of wellbeing.

I know that can sound a bit ‘hippie-dippy’ but sometimes taking a few seconds to breathe in a relaxing scent can just be the ticket when the pressure gets to much before a meeting, while commuting or on a deadline.

By far though my favourite has been the Immortella Scar + Blemish Oil which I have been using nightly on my face to combat some scarring from previous blemishes and my disgusting habit of picking at breakouts (eek…) – and to help calm the skin. I literally cannot be without this oil now I have discovered it as I have noticed some improvement on my chin area after only a few weeks of use.



This is not just any hairdryer. This is a LanaiBLO hairdryer. That not only offers a professional blow drying experience at home (with its mega 2400 watt power meaning super fast drying which for a mum on the run is ideal), iconic technology (that being the part that gives you static free hair and means it looks shiny too), lightweight, ergonomic design (yeah! to no drying fatigue – yes, that is a thing and means it’s easy to hold right or left handed) and the extra long cord (meaning you can style whenever the mirror may be in the room).

But, really the pièce de résistance is the 3 colour ways (black, pink and my favourite white) AND the fact you can personalise it! How cool is that? A hairdryer will your name on it. Whats not to love?

No cheap at £99+ but if there is one beauty tool worth investing in it has got to be a hairdryer. I mean it’s my most used gadget – and I HATE drying my hair with a passion!





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