Welcome to #mamamondays… Martinhal Hotels and Resorts, Instagram & Star of the Week

Welcome to  #mamamondays.  Here I try to include anything that is making us happy – and hopefully you too – even though it’s a Monday. And, I have to say it really is making me try to make the most of this often ‘depressing’ day

It has been anything from what we’re doing or planning to what we’re eating, watching or reading. I’ve even included items I’m lusting after or buying and anything else that has been inspiring me to make Mondays – and the rest of the week if need be – just a little more bearable.

I really hope that #mamamondays is inspiring you to make the most of this fresh start we get every week…


Half-term saw us heading to Lisbon on holiday to stay at two of the Martinhal Family Hotels and Resorts properties (as I was reviewing the hotels for Junior Magazine) – and meant a week of family time.

I have been to Portugal many times but never to the capital so was excited to see what Lisbon had to offer. We stayed first at the Martinhal Chiado which are self-contained suites in a cool part of the city and then travelled over to its more resort hotel in Cascais just an hour a way.

I will be sharing more over on Junior and on here soon.


I took a little break over on Instagram recently although unintentional a few days turned into a month and I think it was good to step back a little from my over-social use.

It was also nice to come back with a fresh perspective and seems one that was shared by many!

“If you’re tired learn to rest not quit!” ⭐️⭐️ I intended to have a little break from here, then the days rolled into weeks and here we are a month later and I’ve my mum phoning me to check if I am ok as I haven’t been popping up on her phone each day! ☎️ I guess I got tired of playing the game. I got tired of chasing the likes and numbers. I got tired of the ‘back in the playground’ gaining and loosing followers over and over each day. I got tired of thinking I’m not slim enough, not stylish enough, not cool enough for these squares. I got tired of feeling anxious when I did post a picture of myself. I got tired of the pressure to post each day. I got tired of hating my home because I didn’t have the perfect ‘instagramable’ corner/wall/space. I got tired of the changes, the algorithm chat. I got tired of worrying about creating the perfect ‘feed’. I got tired. So I took a break. But one thing I am not is a quitter. So, I am back (FYI not that I expect anyone to have noticed my absence just saying this for me) and I am going to use this space for my work, my blog, my thoughts and for me – and I am going to really try and not worry myself (and worry, I really do, about everything!) about all the above because it really just took the fun out of it all. This space is part of my job – as it is for so many of us – but it’s also a space to document the ‘nice’ parts of my day. It’s good to be back – as to be honest I missed so many of you! #mylifeinsquares #lifecloseup . . . . #mytinymoments #nothingisordinary #lifestyleblogger #mylifeinpics #lovelysquares #fashionover40 #holdthemoment #forahappymoment #stillswithstories #instastyle #abmhappylife #stylegram #blogger #motherhoodthroughinstagram #letsdothis #workingmum #defineyourstory #alifeofintension #mylifestyle #worrier

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We had cause for celebration this weekend as Miss M finally managed to get Star of the Week at school. She has wanted it so badly – and I’ve had to explain not she will get her turn to take home the class teddy and of course the glory that is getting a certificate.

She was over the moon when she told me – and I have to say I was very impressed. Little achievements and pat on the back like this are helping her enjoy school and I can really see her progress and (sob) just how fast she is growing up.


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