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I am officially about to become a school mum. As Miss Marnie starts school in September.

I feel like I have been avoiding and planning for this day for a long time. And, from the moment I had to fill in the school application forms time has sped up and now we are days away from saying goodbye to pre-school and hello the school life.

I feel like I am on top of the uniform, forms and general school admin – we have been for the eye test, got the name labels and even had an expert school shoe fitting at Marks & Spencer (which you can read here). But, one thing I’m not prepared for is the school run and the school mum I am about to be/become.

I am dreading us not getting to school on time. I’m dreading meeting the school mums at the gate (please tell me it’s not as bad as it sometimes said to be?). I’m dreading working out how to get to work on time myself. I’m dreading the long days, tiredness and homework that is to come.

But, besides all that angst and pre-school nerves I am looking forward to seeing my little girl blossom. I’m also looking forward to becoming part of the PTA – or the PSA as it’s know called (yes, I really – I can’t wait to help at the school fayres and parties). I’m looking forward to Miss M making new friends – and hopefully me too (if those school mums turn out to be as I hope!).

Like with any big changes – I like the get myself as prepared as I can and that can only mean one thing – a spot of shopping to prepare for the new shift in our life. We all know about Back to School essentials for kids but I was feeling like us mums need a little back-to-school list too.

Because we all know September IS the New Year fresh start us mums really love.


Back-to-School Essentials for Mums

school run, back to school, mum essentials, school essentials, mum treats, how to rock the school run, school run saviours, fashion, shopping, beauty, mamasvib

SWEATER – Whether you’ve doing the school run and heading off to work or doing them in your joggers on way to gym or to get back home – a cool sweater will keep you warm and ensure you look pulled together even if you don’t feel it. Although, I think there is a need for one that says “Marnie’s Mum” as that will no doubt become my new school name! {Logo Sweat from The Fmly Store}

DIARY – I love nothing better than getting a new diary but January feels so far away – so treat yourself now to a mums school year diary. Running from August to September this is ideal for keeping track of school holiday dates, parties, shows, meetings, parents evening and everything else that you now need to remember/ add to your to-do list(s). {School Year Diary from Mums Office}

LIPSTICK – Never, ever underestimate the power of a red lip. When you’re looking tired, dull or a little drained this is the instant mum-pick-me-up that ensures you rock the school-run-race-to-work look. {Art Stick Liquid Lip from Bobbi Brown}

KEYRING – Memories of mums and dads waiting at the gates with a bunch of keys dangling in their hands? This lovely personalised mark the day calendar keyring can be engraved with a special date – first day of school maybe? – and means those car, house and bike lock keys are easy to find. { Morgan & French Keyring from John Lewis }

TRAINERS – It isn’t called the school run for nothing – although I really don’t plan on running it (except when we really have to!) Need an excuse for a new pair of cool trainers? – here you go. And, ideal if you are the sort that sports that Melanie Griffith in Working Girl look on the way to work. { Sneakers from Air & Grace}

FITBIT – I’m actually considering getting a Fitbit to really see how many steps I will clock up taking Miss M to school and then getting to work/home – as thinking this may become the workout I am missing from my day. Plus, they come in much more stylish colourways now. {Charge 2 from Fitbit}

CONCEALER – I have been using this concealer for a few months now – and I’m pretty picky about my concealer. This airbrush one does exactly what it says on the tin – bye-bye dark circles  and hello to looking fresh faced on the school drop. You won’t regret getting this –  believe me it’s brilliant. {Concealer from Benefit}

RUCKSACK – A classic backpack will not only keep you hands-free for guiding little ones across the road, teary hugs at drop off or worse for carrying that damn scooter. It’s also ideal come pick-up time when your’e handed school letters, paintings, party invitations, school books and various items of clothing. I love this sleek and simple one that looks more expensive then it really is. {Backpack from Accessorize)


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Going to School By Rose Blake Amazon, Shoes from £24 Marks & Spencer (read my review here), Name Stamper from Stamptastic, Name labels, Woven Labels UK



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