Welcome to #mamamondays… St Mawes Retreats, New Work & Commuter Essentials

mamamondays, shopping, new work, st mawes retreats, commuter essentials, junior magazine, gurgle magazine

Welcome to  #mamamondays.  Here I try to include anything that is making us happy – and hopefully you too – even though it’s a Monday. And, I have to say it really is making me try to make the most of this often ‘depressing’ day

It has been anything from what we’re doing or planning to what we’re eating, watching or reading. I’ve even included items I’m lusting after or buying and anything else that has been inspiring me to make Mondays – and the rest of the week if need be – just a little more bearable.

I really hope that #mamamondays is inspiring you to make the most of this fresh start we get every week…


If you’re following me on Instagram then you may have noticed my feed went decidedly coastal. That was because we have a lovely week in St Mawes thanks to St Mawes Retreats.

St Mawes Retreats are a collection of luxury self-catering holiday cottages and sea view homes with a difference. The difference being that the offers a concierge service usually reserved for a five-star hotel stay. From organising private chefs to baby sitting services and art classes to beauty treatments.

I will be posting some more in-depth posts about the house we stayed in, some Cornish must-sees and some of my favourite local products – food, beauty and fashion – very soon.

Watch this space!

mamamondays, shopping, new work, st mawes retreats, commuter essentials, junior magazine, gurgle magazine


If you read my last #mamamondays post you’ll know that I have know started as Editor of Junior Magazine which means I’ve had to give up my freelance work.

One job that I was sad to say goodbye too – was my regular fashion and shopping pages in Gurgle. I’ve loved compiling these pages for the last 2 years but I guess all good things have to come to an end.

But, I still want to share my last few pieces of work as I am still really proud to have been part of this brilliant parenting magazine where I met some lovely people who I can now call friends.

You can see my Spring Baby Edit and new season Trends edits here.

mamamondays, shopping, new work, st mawes retreats, commuter essentials, junior magazine, gurgle magazine


As I mentioned above I have started at Junior Magazine and this means I’m now back on the commuter track. One thing I definitely didn’t miss when I was freelance and working from home was the race to the station, waiting for delayed trains and the journey into London.

I have to say my new journey isn’t too bad – thankfully (as your commute can be a real deal-breaker, right?) I thankfully only have to go on the overground and door-to-door takes about an hour.

When I worked full-time before having Miss Marnie I did the commute on auto-pilot, reading books and magazines and generally ‘wasting’ this time. Now I appreciate this ‘time’ a little more as time for me – even if it is on a packed time full of strangers.

One thing that has been making my journey a little more bearable is catching up on some TV shows on Amazon Prime. It’s also a chance for me to catch up on social media, drafting blog posts and answering emails without a pre-schooler wanting my attention or the odd bit of housework staring me in the face.

But, I also have a few other things that have made commuting a little more bearable so I though I would share my travelling essentials:

mamamondays, shopping, new work, st mawes retreats, commuter essentials, junior magazine, gurgle magazine

  1. A holder for my Oyster Card and travel tickets {Love all the Lulu Guinness ones}
  2. Cashmere fingerless gloves – believe me ideal for using phone, holding coffee and finding purse in bag – oh and keeping hands warm! {Mine are from Marks & Spencer}
  3. Headphones. I don’t get on with the inner ear style so these are my stylish alternative and  they fold up into a neat zip-top pouch too. { Frends Layla Rose Gold}
  4. My iPhone. Of course. For social media, emails, blogging, street mapping, web browsing – oh and phone calls!
  5. A foldaway shopper. I always carry one of these in case I need one to bring work home, for magazines, my empty travel cups and in case I do an after work supermarket dash {This one is from Cath Kidston}
  6. A commuter coffee cup is a must. Whether I am making at home and taking with me or for the station coffee bar to fill up  – it saves waste people! {I have had my eye on this one from Bodum for a while!}
  7. Pocket tissues. A handbag must as you never know when you may need some (I also like mini wet wipes packs too in case I have to – umm, make up on the train!)
  8. A water bottle – again saves waste and the filter in this one makes tap water just a little big nicer. {Bobble Carry Cap}
  9. A mirror compact for making up on the fly (we all do it!), touch-ups and lipstick checks. A folding compact ensures it doesn’t get broken and hey, it’s a little more glam {This cute one is from Kate Spade}
  10. A small umbrella. I am forever getting caught short – meaning I have to buy another which I then lose and repeat. {Marks & Spencer have a great selection}
  11. I am old school. I HAVE to have a diary to write my appointments, meetings and notes in. This one is genius as it has 2 pages for one week but, with a difference it duplicated.  Meaning you have 2 weeks to view for one week – one week for work and another for life/appointments – so, I can easily cross refernece if work/life is balancing out! {Busy B Busy Life Diary}
  12. And, for the above I need a decent pen with a lid that is easy to spot in my bag {Love Kikki K for this and just about everything else stationery related}

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