Which mum are you? A gift guide for mums who like…PROSECCO #part 3

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Prosecco print £7.95 WeArePaperPlane at Etsy

When you become a mum there are a few things that get your through the day and night – and they can become your lifeline too.

Playing on those ‘mum clichés’ I have complied a series of Christmas gift guides that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks centred around these little treats – but with a difference!

Be it coffee to get you started in the morning and keep you going through your sleep-deprived haze. Then there is the cake and chocolate that you happily eat on play dates and at afternoon mum meet-ups.

Come evening time when you are finally over tea-time tantrums, bath time and bedtime delays you can kick back with some a glass of something cold be that a classic gin and tonic or a glass of Prosecco.

And, then finally it’s all about hitting the hay for some much-needed sleep (hopefully!)


Christmas Gift Guide Treats for Mums who loves a glass of PROSECCO!

Christmas gift guide, mamasvib gift guide, modern mums gift guide, fun gifts for mums, quirky gift guides,


  1. Clementine & Prosecco Candle in a Glass £23 Heyland & Whittle
  2. Effervescence Prosecco Murano Glass bead £30 Chamilia
  3. Body Butter approx. £30 Antica Farmacista
  4. Slogan Pom Pom Hat £20 John Lewis
  5. Bath Salts £10 Bath House
  6. Mug £9.99 The Present Finder
  7. Gummies £6.50 SugarSin
  8. Nails Inc Cosmetic Bag £10.80 Fabled
  9. Prosecco & Strawberry Natural lip Gloss £14.50 Hearth & Heritage

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