10 Reasons why I’ve joined Slimming World – and it’s not just to lose weight!

mamasVIB | V. I. BABYMAMAS: 10 Reasons why I've joined Slimming World – and it's not just to loose weight!

If the truth be told I wasn’t going to
write about this.

For one I didn’t want to tell the world
what I can already see in the mirror – that yes I am overweight and since
becoming a mum I have ‘let myself go’.

And, by this I don’t mean I don’t want to
wear nice clothes or do my hair and make-up – what I mean is I have let myself go with my

I was never a saint – far from it. I’ve just
never ate as many ‘naughty’ things as I have over the last 2 -3 years. Becoming a mum, a change in my career, losing my dad and general life up-and-downs have all taken its toll. 

I think I really started to ‘lose it’ with my extended maternity leave (from those new baby days when you’ll eat anything to stay awake to snacks for extra energy), freelancing (and eating at home at odd hours) and many mama meet-ups has meant more milky coffees and cakes (and lingering ‘I don’t have
to be back to work’

And, its continued with a few sneaky treats with my toddler (weekly mama and Miss M days at the soft play cafe and sneaking the odd fish finger from her leftovers) which has now resulted in any good eating habits that I may have had no longer being my concern.

This year I decided enough is really enough – and got myself to Slimming World.

Slimming World has been my wake up call. Not at 6am one thankfully – but a much needed kick up the backside. Going to a class each week, recording your loses (maintains and gains too) and staying on track with the group support is the only way I am going to stop. Full stop.

have joined to lose weight and feel better about myself of course, but it’s about so much more than that  – I have joined so I can ensure the
following 10 things happen:

* That I can walk to pre-school and eventually do the school run and not get out of breath.

* That I can make fresh, home-cooked meals – and eat them together as a family and not rely on ready prepared meals.

* That I can run (ok fast walk) around the park and keep up with my toddlers boundless energy.

* That I can have my picture taken with my daughter. I have talked about this before here.

* That I can prevent getting some hereditary health problems like my mother and grandmother who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

* That I can wear some of the amazing clothes (I really did have a great wardrobe once) that have been hanging in my wardrobe since I last wore them to work pre-motherhood.

* That I can post a picture of myself on Instagram/Facebook and be happy with it. In fact be in any picture and stop hiding at the back.

* That by taking control of something that I have allowed to control me will stop.

* That I can make my husband, friends and family proud that I can do this.

* That I can celebrate my 40th birthday in May feeling like the ‘me’ I once was. In fact I think this may be my main motivator.

Slimming World has changed the way I eat – of course, but its also changed the way I cook and shop. Here are some of my kitchen essentials:


mamasVIB | V. I. BABYMAMAS: 10 Reasons why I've joined Slimming World – and it's not just to loose weight!

1. Kitchen Scissors – For trimming fat of meat, cutting herbs/soft vegetables.

2. Meal Planner – I find sitting one night a week (usually after group) and planning what I’m going to eat helps me with shopping, meal prep and of course staying on track.

3. Milk Bottle – A small bottle to keep my measured milk allowance separate from the family- and so I don’t go over too.

4. Glass Lidded Bowl Set – To store leftovers, for overnight porridge oats, for making salads look inviting, for storing healthy snacks in the fridge.

5. Crinkle Cutter – The best way to make ‘Slimming World chips’ the crinkled edges it creates on potatoes means they crisp better.

6. Measuring Spoons – There is no room for guessing amounts – this is the secret

7. Water Bottle – It’s so easy to not drink your recommended daily amount – I have my eye on this motivational bottle to keep me in check.

8. Non-Stick Pan – The holy grail of SW cooking – to cook without using additional oils/fats. Everything from frying meat, vegetables, eggs… the ‘dry-up’ breakfast is the way forward.

9. Diet Scales – My normal kitchen scales don’t allow me to measure smaller amounts with ease – and the smaller weighting pot makes it look like you’re getting so much more!

And, a few of my Slimming World cooking essentials:

Fry Light – For well, frying. Stock up. Use for chips, eggs, bacon, mushrooms…

Tin Tomatoes – The base of most dishes and sauces – a 4-pack will never be enough

Quark – A fat-free soft cream that can be used in place of cream for sauces, in curries, in puddings, on crackers…I am finding the uses endless and always have a tub or 3 in fridge.

Canderel – use where you would have used sugar. Not great I know but helps wean you off the sweet stuff.

Arla B.O.B (best of both) – A great discovery. The first yellow top milk that is fat-free like skimmed milk but tastes like semi-skimmed. Meaning you can have more on your daily allowence – and much nicer in drinks.

OXO cubes – Stock. Stock. And more stock. For sauces, making crispy roast potatoes (honestly) and adding extra flavour.

Herbs & Spices – Add depth, taste and flavour without the calories – I have various herb pots on the windowsill and dried ones in the cupboard. Helps to cut down on fats, salt and pre-made sauces.


  1. April 4, 2016 / 4:08 pm

    Bonnie I visually live on a slimming word lifestyle plan, and it works for me, although I have slipped lately a bit and need to get back on it. I know how huge it was for you sharing this well done you are doing so amazing and should be proud of yourself, keep going it is so worth it x

  2. April 8, 2016 / 3:45 pm

    I went to Slimming World when G was a year old and loved it. I lost 2 stone and have pretty much kept it off. I don't go any more but as Sarah said, I still live by their plan. I ALWAYS have FryLight in the cupboard haha!! Good for you taking charge, can't wait to see how you get on! xx

  3. April 10, 2016 / 10:07 am

    Bonita, how is it going? I have been to SW a few times with great success, I just find it hard to get into the mindset of it to get going. I have put on a fair bit of weight recently and have decided to go back this week, I am going to have to face up to it!! xxx

  4. Noreen
    March 19, 2018 / 9:36 am

    I joined slimming world I cut out crisps bread and changed sugar for sweeteners and only use yellow Bob milk, I walk everywhere and haven’t lost a pound I’ve actually put on weight! Why is this?

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