How to create the perfect guest room – and office space

mamasvib , V. I. BEDROOM: How to create the perfect guest room - and office space

When we moved into our flat over 2 years ago one of the draws was the extra space knocked out in the attic. An extra room for family and guests to stay – rather than a make-shift bed in the front room.

Although, I will admit it has become a big of a dumping ground – as we haven’t had as many overnight guests as I thought we would. Washing, paperwork, Miss Marnie’s old toys/clothes, coats etc. are all thrown up there and often forgotten about.

I have been slowly sorting it out to become a more multi-tasking room. A cosy guest bedroom – with  our sofa bed for guests and a space for my desk where I can work too. I can almost call part of the room my office – although it still needs a bit of ‘styling’ up.

With a little help from Furniture Village I have come up with the perfect way to create a double-duty space that suits both long days and overnight stays.

The Perfect Guest Room & Office with Furniture Village

mamasvib , V. I. BEDROOM: How to create the perfect guest room - and office space
All items are available at Furniture Villlage

* Forgo a bed and save space with a DAYBED. The perfect solution to the multi tasking room – during the day with lots of cushions it’s the perfect seating area to work, read or make phone calls. And, by night with a quilt and some cosy blankets you’ve a comfy bed. (The great thing about this one is the option of the under bed trundle and mattress thats makes it into a double bed).

mamasvib , V. I. BEDROOM: How to create the perfect guest room - and office space
Selina Daybed and underbid trundle from Furniture Village

* This vintage style DRESSING TABLE is the ideal solution for small spaces. As first it looks like the perfect desk – with room for your laptop or paperwork. But, when work is finished the hidden flip-top mirror turns it into the perfect make-up table.

* A selection of CUSHIONS give the day bed a chic feel during the day and placed inside some pillow cases become makeshift pillows for sleepy heads.

* You want the room to appear more like a ‘bedroom’ than an office – and a smart RUG gives the room a pulled together look – it will make your guests feel more welcome too.

* A simple table LAMP works when you’re burning the midnight oil – and is a must for guest room bedside tables. As there is nothing worse than staying at someones house and not being familiar with the light switches in the dark.

* A set of DRAWERS are a must for spare rooms. Use for a TV or radio, as additional filing space for work (that you can then hide away in the bottom drawer), stock one drawer with extra linens and towels and keep the top one spare for guest belongings.

* This stand-out WALL CLOCK and magazine rack can be used for your filing and worksheets but come weekend filled with papers and magazines it makes an inviting room for overnighters.

Although, most of the time it will be used as an office when it is time to turn it in to an inviting room don’t forget these little extras:

mamasvib , V. I. BEDROOM: How to create the perfect guest room - and office space

V. I. BE HONEST This is a collaborative post but all ideas and words are of course my own. To find out how I work with brands please see my about me page.


  1. October 18, 2015 / 5:51 am

    We have that bed in Lily's room, we love it.

  2. October 18, 2015 / 8:26 pm

    That bed is lovely, perfect for a guest rom or a kids room too. It'd look nice with a few fairy lights on it wouldn't it! Cute. If only I had a spare room! xx Julia @ Rainbeaubelle

  3. October 24, 2015 / 3:13 pm

    OOOh can I come and stay in your office guest room? Especially if you have Cowshed products on offer ; ) xx

  4. June 26, 2016 / 9:19 am

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