25 of the Best Christmas Books – *Bookclub Special (Part 3)*

A few more festive stories to add to your Christmas Book collection…

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That’s Not My Reindeer by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells £5.99

These books are popular for a reason – bold, sensory and simple receptive text that engages young toddlers. Miss M has a couple of these and she still loves them now. A great first Christmas gift too.

Spot’s First Christmas by Eric Hill £5.99

A classic lift-the-flap book that sees everyone’s favourite puppy discovers Christmas trees, presents and carol singers. A must-have for toddlers.

Father Christmas Needs A Wee by Nicholas Allan by £4

“Father Christmas needs a wee…He’s been drinking since half past three..”After all the drinks and treats that get left out for him Santa needs to use the loo – but has a job to do and has lost his keys! Find out what happens in this funny counting book that parents will enjoy too!

Olive The Other Reindeer by J.otto Seibald and Vivian Walsh £9.99

Olive jumps on the Polar Express and heads to the North Pole as she wants to join the reindeer team and Santa deliver all the Christmas gifts but one problem – Olive is a dog, not a reindeer. This lovely story is filled with retro illustrations and was also made in a animated movie in 1999 with Drew Barrymore as the voice of Olive.

How Many Sleeps Till Christmas by Mark Sperring and Sebastien Braun £4

Little Pip the bear can’t wait until Christmas. Every day he wakes up and thinks the big day has arrived and when it hasn’t asks the same question…am sure lots of parents will relate to this sweet book about the art of patience!

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