Quick & simple 1st Birthday party decoration ideas

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Miss Marnie’s second birthday is fast approaching and this year we have decided to have a family day out rather than a party. Mainly because we feel like it will be easier for her and a little less overwhelming than a big celebration.

I am a little sad as I love nothing more than planning, organising and making things for a get together. I recently helped a schoolfriend plan her wedding (see I LOVE it.) And, coming up with a theme and all the decorations is one of my fave parts.

Last year I spent months planning Miss M’s first birthday (you can read my recent post here) and I have to say I am missing doing things this time round but that’s no reason why I can’t share some of our ideas here.

So, first up a fast and effective decoration for a 1st birthday party.

I don’t think anything is better than a wall calendar or bunting of
your babies first year. I mean its easy, cheap and above all a great way to cover a whole wall quickly.

V. I. BIRTHDAY, first birthday, party, 1st birthday, hobbycraft, cheap and day birthday decorations, birthday planning, birthday decorations, birthday party, party themes, rainbow party,

I did this for Miss Marnie’s rainbow themed 1st birthday and it was a great success. I loved watching our family members looking through it, pointing and reminiscing.

And, its amazing to see how much your baby has changed in just 365 days.

Throughout the year been I’d already been printing lots of pictures for Miss M’s baby book and for family members (as its so easy to keep everything on your phone/computer and not print). So, I had a good selection of images to choose from which also kept the cost down a bit. It also makes a great keepsake after the party – or, to stick in a baby scrapbook.

What I Did:

I stuck to our rainbow theme and used coloured card in which I mounted a photo from each month of her life and finished them out with some sticky lettering from Hobbycraft (These are brilliant and so easy to use – be sure to buy a few packets as you will run out of those common letters quickly!)

I then pinned them onto the wall with some ladybird pins – but you could tack, hang with ribbon or peg onto a line. I also used some little sticky ladybirds and some rainbow stickers to decorate.

One thing I also did which I think finishes of the pictures nicely is round the corners – and you do that with one of these nifty little gadgets. (You will wonder how you managed without it – I promise!)

Some More Ideas:

But, you could do anything – like these fab ideas on Pinterest. You can follow my 1st birthday board for ideas and inspiration here:

Pict: Pinterest

A number collage of pictures is great if you have lots of similar sized photographs. The best way to do it is to do a pencil/chalk or even mount on a large paper cut-out to ensure you get the correct shape. Great for any age birthday – you could even make one each year and store them safely and bring out every year!

PICT: Etsy.com

If you have a little more time on your hands you could make photo bunting – and stick to your party colours and theme.

PICT: indulgy.com

If you have a lots of space to fill or even just lots of pictures – hanging them on sting lines with pegs – is super simple.

Pict: babybrandttobe

Why not mix up photographs with babies clothes and other keepsakes? It’s a great way to show off all your babies buys from the first year.

PICT: From Dahlias to Doxies

Love this idea of lots of baby faces with a cute party hat (you could add crowns for princess parties etc) – it could also work for any age birthday (and even for grown ups!). The tutorial is here


  1. August 21, 2014 / 8:32 am

    Hope she has a wonderful birthday. Love your decoration idea x

  2. April 1, 2016 / 6:44 am

    I wish you a very very Happy Birthday to you and Birthday Wishes fill the life with joy and blessings.

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