Miss Marnie’s first TV appearance – and she eats lots of cake

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After writing the post about Miss Marnie’s debut TV appearance on the Secret Life of Babies – I sort of had a mini panic that she may not even be in the show at all.

And, how I would look a bit silly for telling everyone!

Well, we watched and waited and I’m glad to say Miss Marnie had her 15 seconds of fame!

She was seen eating cake, wandering in the background and then a massive close-up (which resulted in a little scream from us while watching – that then woke her up!)

Of course, we have recorded it and watched it over and over – and Miss Marnie has also watched it and had a little giggle at herself.

But, I even more pleased that someone has uploaded just the cake eating snippet to You Tube – as this means I can show it to my blinked-and-they-missed-it family-members (i.e Miss Marnie’s great-granny!) without having to find the exact timings via ITVPlayer.

Here’s Miss Marnie’s TV debut – and eating lots of cake no less (that’s my girl!)

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