The BiB Awards nominations have started …will you vote for me? (please)

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After 15 years on magazines writing a blog has been quite liberating – I can do what I want and don’t have to run it past an editor. Editors that hate fashion (yes, there are some). Editors that hate florals or the colour red.

Some who won’t let you shoot anything unless they can get a discount on said item or even ones that won’t allow you to use the words nautical, must-have or festive (at Christmas time!).

Over the years I have had some great editors and some not-so-great (14 or so at last count!) One thing though is I have learnt something from each and every one of them. But, nothing beats being my own editor and creating blog content I like and that I hope you like too.

One thing blogging makes you do though is put yourself out there! I have over the last 6 months found myself on Facebook, Instragram, Pinterest and Twitter (something I avoided for years and now love!) and being shy is not an option…..

Which is why I need to very, very kindly ask you all for a little favour!


What’s this? The BiB Awards (Brilliance in Blogging Awards) is an annual event ran by BritMums to recognise the most creative, inventive or just plain brilliant blogs of the year.

Even though mamasVIB has only been going since October 2013 to be recognised by your peers is what us bloggers strive for (along with – and more importantly dedicated followers and readers).

If you could take a minute to fill in the nominations form (you don’t have to fill in every category by the way) – I’m hoping I can gather enough votes in the FRESH VOICE category or maybe even the  STYLE category to get mamasVIB on the blogging map blog-o-sphere!

The nominations close at midnight on the 12th April 2014.

** I promise the wine will be on me if I am even a finalist…


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