12 Beauty products to borrow from baby…that REALLY work

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Grabbed one of baby’s wet wipes to clean your face before flopping into bed?

Used a little baby oil remove last nights mascara or even applied to your tummy in a vain hope to smooth out those stretch marks? Massaged baby lotion in as a body moisturiser because it was the only thing to hand?

Yeah – we’ve all been there.

We’re mums, we’re tired and sometimes in a sleep derived haze searching for your own beauty products in a bathroom full of squirty toys, rubber ducks and hooded towels can be a mission. Especially if your baby is napping and you’re jumping in the shower for the first time in days – be that at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Now, I’m not saying you should neglect your beauty routine or your fave ‘me-time’ products  – hey, we all need a treat – and mine is a long, hot soak with a few large capfuls of Elemis Milk Bath

All I am suggesting is when time is of the essence, times are a little tight or you fancy a change – baby products can do double-duty and work for mama too. Gentle on the skin – as most are scent free, Hypo- Allergic and have organic ingredients – making them perfect for your sensitive, post-birth skin.

Here is a list of my fave baby products that may well make there way onto every mama’s beauty shelf before they hit the changing table:

 1) Johnson’s Baby Shampoo 
Along with the hair loss your scalp can be a little sensitive after birth so this gentle wash will ensure you don’t aggravate it further. Also, the light formula won’t weigh down your hair meaning it won’t get greasy too quickly (great for those days you miss a hair wash…errr, most days with a newborn!) I have also used baby shampoo to clean my make-up brushes, sponges and hairbrushes.

 2) Vaseline
We all know the merits of good old petroleum jelly for cracked lips, dry cuticles and dry patches of skin. But, I have started to use a small amount around my eye bags and lines. Years ago when I worked on Woman magazine I used to do a lot of makeover shoots – and on one such shoot I met this lovely lady who didn’t look a day over 40, if that, and she was…wait for it …68. Her secret? Good old Vaseline rubbed every night around her eyes. Honestly.

3) Vosene Kids Advanced Conditioning Defence Spray
When you’ve jumped in the shower and just about managed to wash your hair – let alone ran some conditioner through the ends before baby starts screaming – a bottle of de-tangle spray is your new friend. Not only will it help you comb through those knots in a jiffy it will leave it smooth and easier to manage – that mamas is whats known as a GOOD hair day. I found Miss Marnie’s de-tangle spray helped with a big knot I had developed at the back of my hair from constant fast, up-do bun tying. This one has citronella, rosemary and lemongrass to repeal head lice for kids – but, for mamas this gives it a fresh, non-sickly scent.

4) Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel
Great for smoothing over babies and your skin after a shower or bath to seal in moisture. But, did you know you can use this to give your skin that sun kissed, glowing look a la Jennifer Aniston. In summer rub a small amount over tanned skin (especially along the shins and tops of shoulders) like a highlighter. This is a tip I picked up from many a make-up artist on fashion shoots over the years. Some even mixed it with a little Mac Face and Body Foundation to add a light tint to skin.

5) Miamoo Spritz and Wipe
A multi use spray cleanser that de-tangles and freshens tots hair between washes, used on cotton pads it can clean babies bums and is just the ticket for sticky toddlers hand and faces. But, for mama’s this uplifting blend of bitter orange and the Vitamin E base not only makes a great quick spray toner to remove any last trace of cream cleanser, it also makes a speedy hand wipe or sanitizer when out and about – it’s also the perfect face mist to awaken you during the day! (you may need to stock up..)

6) Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter 

Soft cheeks for babies and for you! For baby it’s a super rich bottom cream but for mama’s this is a miracle butter for less. Used at night this creamy balm makes skin feel super soft like and like a.. err, babies bum in the morning! It’s quite heavy – so, I would avoid using it every night as it could cause pimples and pore blockage – but, as a twice weekly intensive treatment it’s cheaper than any night serum you’ll ever use. I have also tried a little amount under make-up and it makes foundation glide on seamlessly (I guess like a make-shift primer).

7) Burt’s Bees Dusting Powder 
Heading out on a play date? No time to wash your hair? Then a small amount of this sweet smelling talc-free powder will dry-up grease in an instant. The mix of baking soda and cornstarch means its gentle on your scalp – just rub into the roots, leave for a few minutes and then brush out. Use a small amount as over use will give you a ‘ghostly’ look at the roots that could be mistaken for grey hair (and nobody needs that!)

8) Water Filled Teethers
Ok, stick with me here… One morning I was holding Miss Marnie when she was chewing on her teether and she bashed me in the eye with it. Now as much as it hurt it was surprisingly cooling. So, that night instead of slicing cucumbers or waiting for teabags to cool I popped them in the freezer for a few minutes and then placed them over my tired eyes…bliss! Just be sure to wipe them clean afterwards – if you do give them back to baby – as if you wouldn’t?

9) Boots Baby Safety Buds 
These are my favourite cotton buds and they have slowly crept into my make-up bag. For one they do they not bend in the middle. Also, the slightly smaller tip makes smudging eyeliner or cleaning up nail varnish mistakes without ruining your polish a breeze (on those rare occasions I have had time to do a cat’s eye and full manicure!)

10) Sudocream 
Whilst pregnant my skin was clear for the first time in years – but fast forward sleepless nights, too many coffee and cake mummy meet-ups and rushed evening skincare – I have been left with the odd spot or two. Sudocream has helped heal and clear up said pimples without drying out my skin like some spot treatments – I smother it on overnight. I always have a handy little pot in my wash bag too.

11) Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil 
Almost every holiday I have ever been on I have been bitten by mosquito’s. I have tried everything – and, although I think nothing really works (as once they get you they keep coming back for more!) I read recently that this creamy oil repeal’s them – so, I’m stocking up to try it out this summer.

12) Ashtons & Parsons Infants Powders
These teething powders are like gold dust – because they really are the best – so, if you spot them in a chemist stock up and fast! Plus, they now come in sachets rather than those fiddly folded paper wrappers – that always made it hard to get into babies mouth. Anyway, after a recent gum bleeding/aching episode I spied a sachet in Miss Marnie’s bathroom organiser and gave it a whirl. Wow – its calms and soothes gums in an instant – no wonder mums nickname is it ‘baby drugs’!

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