The Braun Thermometer that helps you (and baby) keep your cool

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If there is one item I am forever glad we invested in it’s our Braun Thermometer. There is nothing more worrying that when you need to check your VIB’s temp in the middle of the night and you can’t find the little one that came in your baby set or those wafer-thin disposable ones that seem to take an age.

Plus, you use it in the ear rather than in the mouth/under arm making it easier when you have an unhappy baby or toddler. Miss Marnie was really poorly over the Christmas break and having this to hand always made me feel reassured.

Even though I know what a normal temp is – when its 2am in the morning I can’t think straight so I have stuck a little sticker with it on, so I know when to hit the Calpol or when to call the Doc.

From £39.99 Braun 4520 Thermoscan Thermometer 

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