Eloise at Christmastime – a bedtime classic

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Eloise at Christmastime by Kay Thompson with drawings by Hilary Knight

First Line: Once there was a little child…
First Published: 1958

Six-year old Eloise lives at The Plaza hotel in New York in the ‘room on the tippy-top floor’ with her nanny, her dog and turtle.

Her rich parents leave her to her own devices each day which ensures much mix-ups, mischievous behaviour and lessons learnt – even more so at Christmas time.

Eloise is a NYC icon and a portrait of her hangs in the hotel to this day.

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mamasVIB | V. I. BOOKCLUB: Build a classic *CHRISTMAS* library for kids (Eloise at Christmastime)** I started collecting the original 1950’s Eloise titles long before Miss Marnie came along (I have a thing for books. I love nothing better than searching for out of print books, classic and vintage titles) – and they now sit proudly in her bedroom ready to be read and enjoyed all over again.

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