Bebe-au-Lait and why it’s a breastfeeding essential

£28.50 Bebe au Lait at Jojo Maman Bebe

Staying completely covered up when breast-feeding in public is often a worry for any new mum – especially first time mums. You want – and of course, need to feed your baby while out and about but also don’t need the world and his wife to see your un-wired feeding bra and contents.

When breast-feeding in public you can of course you can use a large muslin or a blanket to hide your modesty but this nursing cover by Bebe-au-Lait makes it a whole lot easier when you’re out and about and feeding time strikes.

Why? Well because this Bebe-au-Lait nursing cover has a rigid neckline that you wear around your neck – a little like an apron – while the fabric drapes over your front area and of course baby.

This also means you can wear any style of top underneath – as you can literally lift up the whole top up and not expose your breast, midriff or postnatal tummy.

The neckline design also means you can look down on your baby to ensure they are feeding correctly, falling asleep and content.

It’s possibly the one item I’m glad I did invest in – because lets face it it’s not cheap – and one I am often asked where it’s from. So, here it is…

Bebe au Lait at Jojo Mamen Bebe, Nursing cover, breastfeeding essential

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