A handbag essential every mother needs!

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Baby bag bursting at the seams? Never find what you are looking for? Then these VIP bag insert organisers could just be the answer.

The Tintamar VIP (very intelligent pocket) Handbag Insert is really meant for women who switch their day-to-day work handbags often (as you just fill the 9-pockets with the contents of your bag – money, phone, make-up, train card etc.) and lift and place it inside whatever bag you’re using that day.

There by ensuring you always have everything you need to hand and making changing your bag quicker and easier especially when your in that morning rush.

But, I use mine for Miss Marnie’s changing supplies (nappies, nappy bags, creams, wet wipe case, teething gel and sachets of Calpol etc.) So, instead of unclipping my bag from the pushchair or lugging the whole thing into the cafe loos – we can make a quick change and have
everything to hand literally.

 £29.95 Tintamar

** We also have a larger business sized one – ideal for days at nursery, on holiday or when staying with family.

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