Why Stylfile baby nail clippers are the best EVER

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Giving your baby their first mani and pedi – OK, nail clipping – not as glamorous to say, now is it? can be a daunting experience. After trying lots of baby safety scissors, files and clippers I thankfully discovered Stylfile The Nipper Clipper.

This IS the one essential every mama should have. The safety spy hole allows you to see how much nail you’re cutting, the S-shaped file is genius – as they offer the perfect way to file and smooth delicate nails and the rounded handle makes it easy to hold giving you more control.

What’s more the free Tommy Tickle app (that you can download with code from pack) playing on your phone while doing the job in hand really does distract an active baby!

Invest now – it’ll be the best £10 you ever spend on baby stuff.

£9.99 Stylfile Nipper Clipper 


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