Welcome to #mamamondays… The Gorgeous Kitchen, Feel Unique Beauty Boxes & Grace & Frankie
Welcome to #mamamondays… Korres Greek beauty, Little Lulubel party shop & Ozark
hello! I'm Bonita

Having worked for over 20 years in print media - and, now as a digital magazine editor - this is just MY space to share my life and style.

Timeless TV – Watching the Teletubbies the second time around!
Doing TIME with Netflix and Orange Is the New Black third series launch!
Welcome to #mamamondays… Puffin Rock, Mothercare and family pictures!

back to (beauty) school for you too…

Mad Men returns and is bang on trend with this seasons 1970’s vibe
The John Lewis Christmas advert is here… and so are the penguins
Grab some Cilla-inspired 1960’s style from Marks & Spencer

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