What I’ve learned in my first term as a school mum | V. I. BUSY BEES

It’s official I am now a school mum. I wrote a little here about my thoughts about this but now a whole term has passed, we’ve now had our first half term and in the main we have made it through pretty unscathed. Although, I was worried about Miss Marnie settling in the new routine and school life really I should have been more worried about myself. Miss M settled in and took it all in her stride, I on… View Post

V. I. BUYS: Housework Magic…How to be a Domestic Goddess with my 5 quick tips

I used to love a bit of cleaning. Really. I am still one of those people who gets very excited about buying new cleaning products. Saturdays were my big clean-up day. After working all week I would de-stress with a bit of house work! I would spend a good part of the morning changing sheets, doing the washing, dusting, hoovering and generally using as much lavender scented cleaning spray as I could. Then the afternoon would involve a leisurely soak… View Post

V. I. BUYS: What a NEW MUM really wants…& it’s not gifts for the baby!

Seems everyone around me is having a baby soon or just had one at the moment.  Which means coming up with present ideas is constant. As tempting as it is to buy a cute baby hamper and hand it to the new mum – I think we’re missing the point. As much as a new mum loves receiving baby gifts – as it saves time and money going out to get these things themselves. I think the real secret is… View Post

V. I. BABYBRAIN: 9 *Realistic* New Years Resolution’s I learned on holiday

I’m not really a fan of New Year and all that new year, new you malarkey. I think January is hard enough (coming down from the festive period, bills, back to work etc.) that making things harder for yourself by cutting out all your favourite foods, drinks, vices etc. only makes it a much longer and harder month. Saying that, it doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a good time to take stock of your life and think about the… View Post

V. I BABYBRAIN: 20 Things I’ve Learnt about Love in 20 years…in movie quotes!

Today Mr VIB and I will be celebrating 20 years together.  I actually can’t believe it.  Half my life has been spent with this one person who everyday makes me smile, laugh, annoyed, frustrated, crazy, happy and a whole host of other emotions that can only come from being with someone who knows you inside out.  We’re both not naturally very soppy or over sentimental. So, we won’t be celebrating with a candle lit dinner or a night away. These things,… View Post