V. I. BUYS: Bring the spirit of your favourite restaurant home for Christmas

Spending time with family and friends at Christmas is what the season is all about – and a lot of that involves drinking, feasting and eating out. Now I don’t know about everyone but often even heading to your favourite restaurant with extra family members, kids and the ‘olds can cause a normal early bird supper to turn in to a massive flap. So, why not bring the spirit of your favourite restaurants home with these fab foodie finds? I especially love this… View Post

V. I. BUYS: Welcome to #mamamondays…Bloom & Wild Wreaths, BKD Christmas Crackers & Teletubbies Tubby Snowball DVD *Giveaway*

Welcome to  #mamamondays.  Here I try to include anything that is making us happy – and hopefully you too – even though it’s a Monday. And, I have to say it really is making me try to make the most of this often ‘depressing’ day It has been anything from what we’re doing or planning to what we’re eating, watching or reading. I’ve even included items I’m lusting after or buying and anything else that has been inspiring me to… View Post