Getting ready for Christmas with John Lewis | V. I. BUYS

OK, I know its not December yet but, what can I say Christmas seems to come round earlier and earlier and being prepared early for the big day can never be a bad thing – can it? Especially when John Lewis got in touch and asking us to work on a Christmas Hamper campaign – what can I say – they had me at hamper! Hampers are one of my favourite gifts to put together. Over the years I have made… View Post

20 Kids party etiquette tips for throwing a successful birthday bash | V. I. BIRTHDAY

  I was warned about the constant party invites that would start coming through as Miss M started pre-school – and no doubt with many, many more to come now she has started school. The hundred or so that we have been to over the last few years – OK, maybe not a hundred but it sure feels like that when they take over every weekend. One thing’s for sure none of the parties have been the same –  well… View Post

V. I. BUSY BEES: Deja-Vu? 15 Movies given a Christmas24 holiday makeover

You may or may not know that I am a massive fan of Christmas24. If you’ve been hiding under a pile of tinsel you’ll know this is the digital Movies 24 channel that shows back-to-back films all day, every day. I understand for some people the thought of a constant stream of festive films is like hell on earth. But, for me it is heaven on Christmasland. I admit I’ve been watching a lot of Christmas24  – and believe me I haven’t been sat on the sofa… View Post