V. I. BUYS: Welcome to #mamamondays… Sanderson Home, Gurgle Work & Jackie O

Welcome to  #mamamondays.  Here I try to include anything that is making us happy – and hopefully you too – even though it’s a Monday. And, I have to say it really is making me try to make the most of this often ‘depressing’ day It has been anything from what we’re doing or planning to what we’re eating, watching or reading. I’ve even included items I’m lusting after or buying and anything else that has been inspiring me to… View Post

V. I. BOOKCLUB: Travel books & guides that transport kids from the comfort of home

Before Miss Marnie arrived we travelled a lot. We took 2-3 holidays a year which often involved taking in several places or stops in order to a see as much as possible. We may not be able to travel so much now with a toddler – not because we won’t take her away – but because we’ve been discovering different types of holidays like Bluestone, Disneyland Paris and – soon Butlin’s. But, one thing I do want to instill in Miss… View Post

V. I. BOOKCLUB: 10 Classic books celebrating a special birthday this year! *BOOKCLUB SPECIAL*

I love classic kids books. Although Miss Marnie has a mixture of new and old – it’s always the ones that have stood the test of time that we come back to night after night. I think I must read Goodnight Moon Every. Night. – and so much so that she even knows the words that are coming next. As for The Hungry Caterpillar she pretty much can read it from memory (as of course she can’t read yet!) and… View Post

V. I. BOOKCLUB: 6 of my favourite books by stylish bloggers…

When I started blogging nearly 2 years ago I didn’t imagine how much I would really enjoy it. I love pulling together posts and hitting publish with no editor looking over my shoulder. But blogging has become so much more than some creative freedom – I have made some great new friends, met some inspirational (mainly) women and of course discovered a whole load of brilliant blogs to read. Some blogs capture you in a way no magazines can. Sometimes… View Post

V. I. BOOKCLUB: Le Chic – my fave French fashion style books

Francophile [Frang – kuh – fahyl] noun 1. a person who admires France or the french adjective 1. marked by or possessing admiration of France or the french Now I wouldn’t say I was a total Francophile. But, when it come to fashion, style and icons that I admire, respect or love they are all French. We all know the classic and effortless Parisian fashion looks – Trench coat, quilted bag, ballet pumps, Breton top, Chanel No. 5 perfume…. but,… View Post