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  • Holiday slogan round-up

    Holiday slogan round-up
  • Courtyard, Marriott Hotel by the KidsAdvisor Inspector

    Courtyard, Marriott Hotel by the KidsAdvisor Inspector
  • A Girls Spa Day at Solent Hotel, Surrey

    A Girls Spa Day at Solent Hotel, Surrey
  • 9 Stylish movies set in Paris (#PFW special part 4)

    9 Stylish movies set in Paris (#PFW special part 4)

Bebe-au-Lait and why it’s a breastfeeding essential | V. I. BABY

Staying completely covered up when breast-feeding in public is often a worry for any new mum – especially first time mums. You want – and of course, need to feed your baby while out and about but also don’t need the world and his wife to see your un-wired feeding bra and contents. When breast-feeding in public you can of course you can use a large muslin or a blanket to hide your modesty but this nursing cover by Bebe-au-Lait makes it a…

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A handbag essential every mother needs! | V. I. BAG

Baby bag bursting at the seams? Never find what you are looking for? Then these VIP bag insert organisers could just be the answer. The Tintamar VIP (very intelligent pocket) Handbag Insert is really meant for women who switch their day-to-day work handbags often (as you just fill the 9-pockets with the contents of your bag – money, phone, make-up, train card etc.) and lift and place it inside whatever bag you’re using that day. There by ensuring you always have everything you…

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Last Minute Halloween style

Looking for some last minute Halloween outfits? Because, you know we all leave it to the last minute right? Well, I think you can’t go far wrong with the supermarkets offering. I think they clean up when it comes to novelty outfits especially for Halloween – cheap, cheerful and perfect for little horrors one night of fun. We are sorted this year as nanny got Miss Marnie a cat costume – what else? – from Tu at Sainsbury’s which is now ready for her…

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Guess How Much I Love You – the perfect baby book

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney First Line: ‘Little Nutbrown Hare who was going to bed…’ First published: 1994 Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare try to put how much they love one another into words – but love is not an easy thing to measure as they soon discover. A bedtime classic for any mama and her VIB.  £1.99 Amazon

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Personalised Birthday Stationery from Orange Paper Duck

I love stationery. End of. I use any excuse to send a hand written note or card (so nice to receive in a world of short texts and tweets don’t you think?) – so, Miss Marnie’s first birthday was no exception. Sticking with my Rainbow Tea Party theme (read more about planning the perfect first birthday party here and how to make the best rainbow birthday cake ever here) I set about finding the perfect rainbow invitations and thank you cards. I ordered them from Orange…

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