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  • Holiday slogan round-up

    Holiday slogan round-up
  • Courtyard, Marriott Hotel by the KidsAdvisor Inspector

    Courtyard, Marriott Hotel by the KidsAdvisor Inspector
  • A Girls Spa Day at Solent Hotel, Surrey

    A Girls Spa Day at Solent Hotel, Surrey
  • 9 Stylish movies set in Paris (#PFW special part 4)

    9 Stylish movies set in Paris (#PFW special part 4)

A Christmas Tale by Joules – the perfect Christmas Eve box book

Making up a Christmas Eve box has become as much a part of my Christmas planning as the big day itself. I have been doing them for Miss Marnie for a few years now – but this year’s feels like it will be the first one she will really embrace and hopefully take in. Maybe because we’re having our first Christmas at home – rather than going to stay with family – as I want to create some of our…

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Deja-Vu? 15 Movies given a Christmas24 holiday makeover

You may or may not know that I am a massive fan of Christmas24. If you’ve been hiding under a pile of tinsel you’ll know this is the digital Movies 24 channel that shows back-to-back films all day, every day. I understand for some people the thought of a constant stream of festive films is like hell on earth. But, for me it is heaven on Christmasland. I admit I’ve been watching a lot of Christmas24  – and believe me I haven’t been sat on the sofa…

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Chad Valley and the importance of imaginative play

If you caught my recent post you will know that Miss Marnie and I are on the Chad Valley Play Panel (read about it HERE). This means we get to play with some toys, games and crafts and I get to call it work. Not that it has felt like work as I have been using this opportunity to really understand how important ‘playtime’ is – for both of us. My busy days – like most working mums – is…

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The perfect zodiac gifts with a fashionable twist

I’ve always been a bit fascinated by star signs – and all things mystical. Not in a weird ‘spaced out’ way or that I live my life by them. More that I’m always interested in whether people are like the characteristics that make up the 12 zodiac signs. I would say I am a true Taurean – and there is a few of us in my family. My dad and granddad were Taureans, as is my brother, a few nephews and my uncles. I…

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Christmas Traditions and the continuing magic of The Snowman

December is just around the corner – OK, its tomorrow and I’ve still not finished (started!) with my massive Christmas list. But, it all gets done right? The tree needs to come out from the loft, the cards need to be written and posted (yes, I STILL do this every year) and the gifts need to be brought, let alone wrapped. But, first things first and that means advent. And, what is December without an advent calendar or 2 so…

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