20 Kids party etiquette tips for throwing a successful birthday bash | V. I. BIRTHDAY

  I was warned about the constant party invites that would start coming through as Miss M started pre-school – and no doubt with many, many more to come now she has started school. The hundred or so that we have been to over the last few years – OK, maybe not a hundred but it sure feels like that when they take over every weekend. One thing’s for sure none of the parties have been the same –  well… View Post

Back to School essentials for… mum | V. I. BUYS

I am officially about to become a school mum. As Miss Marnie starts school in September. I feel like I have been avoiding and planning for this day for a long time. And, from the moment I had to fill in the school application forms time has sped up and now we are days away from saying goodbye to pre-school and hello the school life. I feel like I am on top of the uniform, forms and general school admin… View Post

Last minute back to school shopping with Debenhams | V. I. BUYS

Kids back to school next week? or, like us starting school? I can’t believe I am now writing back to school posts as it’s actually happening to us rather than just in my shopping round-ups. Most of Miss Marnie’s uniform I have picked up from the school shop – as it worked out the easiest and cheapest way to get the school logo items and colours. But, if you’re looking for those last-minute back to school items – coast, back… View Post

Back to school shoe shopping with Marks & Spencer | V. I. BUYS {SP}

September sees Miss Marnie starting school. I actually cannot believe I am writing this – it all seems to have gone so fast. I started this blog when she was a year old and now my baby is heading to school. And, besides getting the uniform the one thing I’ve been dreading is getting the school shoes. So, I took refuge in my favourite store Marks & Spencer. Marks & Spencer has always been there for me. During pregnancy and… View Post

My fave Cornish organic beauty brands & the ones you need now | V. I. BEAUTY

When we went on our Cornish family holiday earlier this year – which you can read about here – I thought it would be a good opportunity to try some local organic beauty products. Cornwall is home to some of the most innovative and exciting organic beauty products in Britain. Made with local naturally sourced ingredients, natural extracts from plants and herbs and other ecologically responsible ingredients. Now, I love a beautifully packaged, luxury beauty product as much as the next person… View Post