V. I. BUSY BEES: How to put together the perfect (last-minute) Christmas Eve Box

The idea of a Christmas Eve Box isn’t about a whole new pile of gifts before the big day – it’s a little box of treats to set the scene for a ‘relaxed family pre-Christmas night’. The calm before the storm as it were. It’s big in America – and on Pinterest – soooo of course it’s caught on over here! Miss Marnie has been a super special one this year – as the lovely people at The White Company have sent her… View Post

V. I. BUSY BEES: Deja-Vu? 15 Movies given a Christmas24 holiday makeover

You may or may not know that I am a massive fan of Christmas24. If you’ve been hiding under a pile of tinsel you’ll know this is the digital Movies 24 channel that shows back-to-back films all day, every day. I understand for some people the thought of a constant stream of festive films is like hell on earth. But, for me it is heaven on Christmasland. I admit I’ve been watching a lot of Christmas24  – and believe me I haven’t been sat on the sofa… View Post

V. I. BUYS: Bring the spirit of your favourite restaurant home for Christmas

Spending time with family and friends at Christmas is what the season is all about – and a lot of that involves drinking, feasting and eating out. Now I don’t know about everyone but often even heading to your favourite restaurant with extra family members, kids and the ‘olds can cause a normal early bird supper to turn in to a massive flap. So, why not bring the spirit of your favourite restaurants home with these fab foodie finds? I especially love this… View Post