Saturday, 22 November 2014

V. I . BUSY BEES: Chic wooden market stalls for imaginative play - and lots of accessories too!

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You're never to young - or too old for that matter - to play shops.

While looking for ideas for Miss Marnie for Christmas I came across these gorgeous and oh-so-stylish wooden market stalls that I had to share them with you. (Miss M is getting the Howa one - shh!)

I mean who can resist a wooden toy - and, if it encourages role play all the better.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

V. I. BABYBRAIN: The 5 things that mean Christmas is coming for me...

The 3 things that mean Christmas is coming for me… | Christmas 24 | chritsmas stamps | post office | john lewis advert | christmas movies | christmas adverts | festive movies | festive adverts | sainsburys ad | marks and spencer ad | commercials | tv | movies | films | chritams is on the way | mamasVIB | mummy bloggers

Christmas. It really is one of my favourite holidays. Although I think I prefer the build-up more than the 'Day' itself… 

But, no matter what I can't drop the 'C' word (apart from at work where Christmas starts in July!) until the following five thing appear…

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

V. I. BUYS: 9 Cool kids Advent Calendars … and not a chocolate in sight!

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Advent calendar don't have to be stuffed with chocolate to make kids happy - honestly. There is so many other cool ideas to help little ones count down the days until Christmas.

Not that I think there is anything wrong with those daily shaped chocolate bites hidden behind a layer of foil - I remember as a child having them and used to eat it on the way to school (after brushing my teeth - so wrong!).

And, of course they are inexpensive and often grabbed in a mad dash the night before the 1st of December from the supermarket…anyone?

But, if you're feeling more organised, want something that will last for years to come or just keeping them off the daily sugar-rush then take a look at these…

Monday, 17 November 2014

V. I. BUYS: Get ready for the Paddington Bear TAKE-OVER!

 Get ready for the Paddington Bear take-over! | paddington | paddington bear | paddington movie | marks and spencer | mothercare | the paddington trial | london | paddington statin } mamasVIb | bear | duffle coat | wellingtons | classic kids books | classic books | michael bond | paddington statues around london | visit london | new movie | paddington bath products | paddington pyjamas | gifts | christmas gifts | movie for christmas | mamasvib

In case you have been in darkest Peru yourself you couldn't have failed to notice a certain bear is popping up all over town.

The much-loved Paddington Bear is back (not that he really went away, maybe just went out of favour) with a little makeover and a debut movie to boot. 

From the classic books created by Michael Bond in 1956 - which have sold over 35million copies worldwide - its seems his popularity is set to soar again for a whole new generation.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

V. I. BRAND: Fifi Lapin - the coolest bunny in town collaborates with Petit Bateau

Fifi Lapin - the coolest bunny in town collaborates with Petit Bateau | fit lapin | blogger | bunny | fashion blogger | illustrated | petit bateau | stripe top | t-shirt collection | what shall i wear today| exclusive t-shirts | rabbit | frnech fashion | kids fashion | tees for women | new collection | new launch | mamasVIB | petit bateau  shitrts | blogger collaboration | french style | bloggers |

Have you heard of Fifi Lapin? Well, she's one cool bunny.

Fifi Lapin (French for Rabbit) sits in the front row at every fashion show and via her amazing blog shows us what she's been wearing every day.

And, now Fifi has teamed up with her fellow French friends over at Petit Bateau and designed a range of exclusive T-shirts featuring designs from it's Autumn/Winter collection.